Good creative writing courses include Creative Writing 101, Write Your Novel Now, and any of the online courses in writing fiction offered through or Tuition prices range from about $50 to $4... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

Free English writing courses are available through a number of sources, including, MIT, the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Purdue University. As of 2015, most of these courses do not offer college or sc... More » Education

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpencCourseWare, Washington State Colleges Open Course Library and the Utah State University offer free online English advanced fiction writing classes. The sites provide free on... More » Education Colleges & Universities
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Writers Digest has several sources filled with ideas for developing creative writing prompts. One of the most popular techniques is to use real-life experiences and events as a starting point for writing. Another techniq... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

Some themes that are often explored in creative writing include coming of age, good versus evil, and the struggle for survival. Themes help writers develop stories and characters that have greater depth. Themes usually e... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

People can write mystery stories for money by getting their stories accepted in magazines and anthologies (mystery or general fiction, online or print), or publishing them, either via self-publishing or through a publish... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

Rhetorical mode is the variety, purposes and conventions of major writing methods. Some of the best known rhetorical modes include exposition, description, augmentation and narration. More » Education Writing Literary Writing