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A full list of the common procedural terminology codes is available on the website of the American Academy of Professional Coders. Users can search through its database using keywords, codes or code ranges.


Individual Current Procedural Terminology codes are available online for free through the CPT Code/Relative Value Search, according to the American Medical Association. It is possible to search the most current database by entering either keywords or the specific five-digit numerical CPT code.


The current procedural terminology, or CPT, code is medical coding that was established and maintained by the American Medical Association. The code was established to increase efficiency and accuracy.


Current procedural terminology, or CPT, codes are used by health care providers to describe a medical service or procedure for billing purposes, according to University of Florida Health. Insurance companies also use CTP codes to reimburse health care providers for services provided, according to MB


Some common Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes include 99205 (new patient), 99215 (established patient), 99201-05 (new patient E/M), 99211-15 (established patient E/M), 99241-45 (patient consult), 99251-55 (psychiatric outpatient counseling) and 99211-15 (maintenance visits). Other common co


Look up CPT codes by accessing the American Medical Association website, accepting the licensing agreement and searching for the code. The AMA provides this service to users free of charge. Ongoing services such as coding updates and newsletters are available.


Up-to-date CPT codes can be found by state via a search tool at the website of the American Medical Association. Users of this tool are required to input their state, then search either by complete CPT code (to find the associated medical description) or by descriptive keywords (to find the associat


The American Medical Association provides a searchable online manual for current procedural terminology, or CPT, coding. It is not a manual that can be downloaded or printed, but rather it is used on the website.


The American Medical Association allows patients to look up CPT code references free of charge. However, patients should read the fine print before beginning the search, as the online database may limit searches due to licensing issues.


University of Florida Health says that CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology, and a CPT code is a numeric code that is five digits long. Healthcare providers use CPT code for evaluation and management services.