articles is one of the original and most popular websites that allows the user's computer to function as an alarm clock. Other examples of online clocks include,, and Onlinevideo... More » Technology Software

To use your computer as an alarm, access the Alarms app, set the alarm time, select the alarm sound and save the settings. This method works for computers that run on Windows 8.1 or newer versions. For older versions of ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Alarm, Calendar Magic, Free Alarm Clock and VisiTimer are some of the most popular free alarm clock applications for Windows. All of these applications are available for download on CNet. More » Technology Mobile
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Some well-reviewed free PC alarm clock programs include the browser-based and the downloadable Free Alarm Clock by Comfort Software. Both programs offer an array of customizable features and a minimalist ... More » Technology Software

To program an alarm clock on a cordless phone, enter the code to access the alarm function. Choose the type of alarm needed. Enter the date and the month, and then set the time for the alarm to sound. Choose the tone tha... More » Technology Mobile

Get a universal time clock on your computer by downloading and installing the WorldTime application from the Softonic website. Alternatively, use websites such as and to get access to ... More » Technology Software

In Microsoft Excel, a function is a type of formula that allows the user to perform mathematical, statistical and logical operations more easily. While it is possible to create a unique formula, Excel offers users a vari... More » Technology Software