Top universities offer free online college courses, such as MIT and Johns Hopkins' OpenCourseWare programs, and Carnegie Mellon's OpenLearning. Additional websites offering free collegiate-level coursework are Coursera.o... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Free online college courses are available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of California Berkeley and Stanford University. The online educational organization Kha... More » Education Colleges & Universities

In general, free online classes are only suitable for continuing education, not for getting college credit. However, the American Council on Education has approved some free online courses for college credit. More » Education Colleges & Universities
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Some universities that offer free online course include Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford and Yale. These prestigious colleges offer courses to anyone with an Internet connection. More » Education Colleges & Universities

MIT and Atlantic International University offer free online algebra courses at the college level. MIT offers Linear Algebra based on different course dates, and Udacity's course is titled "College Algebra: Bringing Symbo... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Some good free university-level online courses made available by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, are found on Also, free online courses from different professors are available on OpenLearn... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Online college-level psychology courses include free, open online courses, such as Yale University's introduction to psychology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's neuroscience and behavior and Johns Hopkins' psychi... More » Education Colleges & Universities