The families, friends or legal counsel of an inmate may receive collect calls from jail by setting up an account with a facility-approved inmate telephone service. The loved ones must also be in the approved call list of... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The only way one saves money on phone calls from jail is by making local calls rather than long-distance calls. If a person in jail regularly calls someone who is not in the local vicinity, he can use a program such as P... More » Technology Mobile

Because of its specific nature, a collect call cannot be received for free whether on a cell phone or landline. However, a collect caller can call a landline user who accepts the charges and then initiates a three-way ca... More » Technology Mobile
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A Securus inmate telephone account is prepaid by an inmate's connections outside the detention facility, and it lets inmates make phone calls from participating jails and prisons. There are several plans available, all o... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The Jackson State Prison is managed by the Michigan Department of Corrections and thus uses the telephone services provided by the Prison Call Solutions, Inc. Family members and friend of an inmate may use PCS's prepaid ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

JPay allows friends and families of those incarcerated in county, state and federal prisons to deposit money in the inmate's account for use in the facility while incarcerated. In some states, JPay offers video and elect... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Access Corrections is a service that allows friends and family to send funds to an inmate's account, states the official Access Corrections website. People can make deposits using Visa and MasterCard credit and debit car... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking