With most cell phone services, getting a ringback tone involves purchasing songs or sounds from the provider's music library and then adding the songs to a customer's account. Once in the account, specific songs or sound... More » Technology Mobile

There are a number of ways to get free ringtones sent directly to a cell phone. Most cell service providers offer their customers free ringtones that can be accessed via the phone menu or the provider's website. Other th... More » Technology Mobile

User manuals for cellphones on third-party websites such as and are free, as of 2015. provides cellphone manuals for 69 brands, while covers 206 brands. Cellpho... More » Technology Mobile
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A Sprint cell phone account comes with calling services, email, text, photo and GPS abilities and optional features including international calling, safety and security, organizational tools, phone protection and enterta... More » Technology Mobile

T-Mobile offers cell phone tracking services through its optional FamilyWhere program, which allows primary account holders to check the physical location of other phones within that account. The program is primarily des... More » Technology Mobile

When someone purchases a cell phone from his wireless provider, the phone is almost always considered to be locked. This means that it only works on the wireless provider's network. An unlocked cell phone works on any ne... More » Technology Mobile

You can legally unlock your cell phone by contacting your mobile wireless service provider. You receive an unlock code from for your device that allows you to unlock it. More » Technology Mobile