Two free directory assistance numbers that can be accessed by cell phone users as of 2014 include 1-800-FREE-411 and 1-800-373-3411. When dialing these numbers, users must listen to short advertisements in exchange for f... More »

Certain online websites are useful for doing reverse phone number searches for free. Many websites offer paid reverse phone number searches, which can be helpful if the free websites don't have the information. More » Government & Politics Public Records

Search for phone numbers online using a reverse phone lookup service, social media, people search engines and business directories. Online caller identification tools are also useful when looking up phone numbers. More »

National Cellular Directory is a website where users can quickly and inexpensively find cell phone numbers. The online directory started in 2006 as an "Opt-In" directory where opted-in National Cellular Directory members... More »

Spy Dialer lets users look up cell phone numbers without any fees or membership requirements. Users can also upgrade to a paid membership to use the program's more advanced features. More »

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The information commerce company Intelius Incorporated provides the personal identifying information available on AnyWho, including cell phone numbers as well as the names, ages, addresses, phone carriers and locations a... More »