Topics on a test for a commercial driver's license permit may include how to properly shift a vehicle, how to inspect a vehicle, and how to handle adverse weather and emergencies. Each state develops and administers its ... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

The actual CDL Learner's Permit written test is not available online, but most states offer practice materials on their websites. Applicants can book and pay for the tests online in most states, but they must undergo the... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

To prepare for a commercial driver's license passenger test, study the appropriate state guide, take practice exams, drill the relevant skills and get training if necessary., and truc... More » Vehicles DMV & Records
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The CDL General Knowledge test is not quite the same thing as the CDL permit test, as an applicant is required to pass all the various relevant written knowledge tests in order to obtain a commercial driver's license and... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

Generally speaking, operating a vehicle with air brakes requires a commercial driver's license class A, B or C, as all three classes feature an air brakes knowledge test during certification. Inability to pass this test ... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

The amount of time it takes to get a commercial driver's license depends on the length of time to get a permit and pass the required testing. A driver must have the commercial license permit for at least 14 days before t... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

To obtain a CDL permit, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age, hold a valid driver's license and pass the knowledge tests for the type vehicle to be driven. The permit is valid for six months. More » Vehicles DMV & Records