Examples of resources for free birdhouse plans include Backyard Spaces, Crafty Birds and About.com. Backyard Spaces and Crafty Birds offer a variety of birdhouse plans, while About.com features a list of additional resou... More »

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Some common wooden birdhouse designs include nesting boxes for bluebirds, flickers, wrens, purple martins and woodpeckers, as well as designs for phoebes and robins, ducks and American kestrels. Most wooden birdhouse des... More »

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There are several websites available that allow users to design house plans free. Autodesk Homestyler and Room Sketcher work by dragging and dropping things like rooms, additions and furniture into a template. More »

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The amount of wood required to build a birdhouse depends entirely on the size of the birdhouse. As a rule of thumb, a birdhouse shouldn't be much smaller than 6 inches cubed, otherwise there will not be adequate space fo... More »

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Websites that offer wooden birdhouse plans include AllCrafts, Birdwatching Bliss and 50Birds. These sites all offer a variety of birdhouse plans in different styles for a range of different birds. More »

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The Missouri Department of Conservation provides free squirrel house plans and construction directions. A squirrel house builder needs scrap lumber or plywood, a saw, nails and a hinge. More »

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Constructions plans for building a birdhouse are available at BirdsandBlooms.com. The plans include a material list, cutting layout for a one-board birdhouse, and six-step instructions. PopularMechanics.com and BobVila.c... More »

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