One free Bible verse application for Apple iPhone users is the "Verse-A-Day: Daily Bible Verses" app by iDelata, located in the iPhone App Store. For Android users the "Daily Bible Verse" by Adepture or "Bible Verses" by... More » Technology Mobile

Some good free Bible concordance apps are MySword Bible and And Bible for Android devices, as well as Holy Bible and Mantis Bible Study for iOS devices. MySword Bible supports search and highlighting. It also lets reader... More » Technology Mobile

Some free applications that enable users to read Bible verses include YouVersion's trademarked Bible App and Olive Tree's Bible+. Others include The Holy Bible - King James Version, Daily Bible Inspirations and Bible +1. More »

To memorize a Bible verse, first train your mind to understand and recall the text, and then use the first letter of each word as a guide to recite the speech from memory. It is important for the brain to be able to thin... More » Education Homework Help

The Blue Letter Bible app for Android functions as a portable Bible for a mobile phone. Downloading this app provides access to over 15 available Bibles. More » Technology Mobile

Read the Bible on YouVersion by downloading the application, selecting the appropriate version of the Bible and searching for the specific passage that you want to read or study. As of 2015, the app offers 1,115 versions... More » Technology Mobile

"McPlay" is an application published by the McDonald's Corporation that allows users to unlock activities and play exclusive free games by scanning their Happy Meal toys using the smartphone app. The "McPlay" app is free... More » Technology Mobile