Examples of beautiful eulogies offer specific and vivid memories of the deceased person's greatest qualities. Eulogies tend to be more personal than obituaries, and summarize what the deceased meant to the eulogizer. The... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A eulogy is intended to be more personal than an obituary, and summarizes what the deceased person meant to the speaker. Good eulogies offer vivid, specific memories and examples of the deceased person's best qualities. More » Holidays & Celebrations

When writing a condolence letter, acknowledge the name and death of the deceased, list the qualities of the deceased that are admired, express sympathy or empathy, and include any memories that were significant about the... More » Holidays & Celebrations
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Some good words of remembrance for a funeral are that memories of the deceased person live on and that the person's spirit made others smile. Other words of remembrance for a funeral say that the deceased person worked h... More » Holidays & Celebrations

To make uplifting conversation at a retirement party, bring up fond memories of working together, mention how valuable the person was in the workplace and tell her how great it was to work with her. Point out specific go... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Sample eulogies can be found online at sites such as The site offers simple examples written by a funeral director in generic terms that can be personalized, and also includes eulogy guidance, phrases ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Coming up with a father’s eulogy requires prior preparation and gathering of information. The eulogy should have a personalized and heartfelt message, and the right tone and mood incorporated during the delivery. More » Holidays & Celebrations