Toll-free phone numbers begin with any of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844. Toll free is considered to mean any phone number that can be dialed without a charge to complete the call. More » Technology Mobile

Area codes can be found for free online via a number of different websites. All Area Codes provides a free listing of area codes for every location in the United States. Other websites that provide free area code listing... More » Government & Politics Public Records

As of 2015, and Maps of World allow users to view and print area code maps free of charge. WhitePages allows users to view free area code maps of each state. More » Government & Politics Public Records
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Phone calls made to landline phone numbers starting with a different three-digit area code than the number of the phone line initiating the call are likely to be placed outside of the phone's local area. Some exceptions ... More » Technology Mobile

Short codes work similar to phone numbers when used on a mobile network, and callers input the numbers before pressing Send to identify the SMS message recipient. Because mobile phones codes do not require a set quantity... More » Technology Mobile

The number of phone numbers blocked by Verizon Wireless is up to 20. The customer calling plan and features subscribed to determine how many contacts or numbers are blocked. More » Technology Mobile

There are several ways to block specific phone numbers from calling a cell phone including caller ID management software built into phones, phone apps that can block specific and unidentified number and third-party servi... More » Technology Mobile