A great abdominal workout routine consists of various movements that engage the core muscles. Intervals of quick, fast paced movements and slower, concentrated movements returns optimal results for a flatter stomach. Pla... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

When working the abdominal muscles, a crunch type exercise combined with a leg lift or knee tuck movement puts focus on the core and lower abdominal muscles, according to WorkoutBOX. Because of this, a workout containing... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Muscle Toning

Good ab workouts include the bicycle exercise and different types of crunches, such as reverse crunches, medicine ball crunches and long-arm crunches. The amount of sets and repetitions done for each exercise would vary ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise
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A good abdominal workout routine should result in a streamlined waist, reduction in flab and etched abdominal muscles, according to Jim Stoppani, PhD, in an article describing the program he designed to build powerful ab... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

The Perfect Fitness Ab-Carver workout consists of several movements aimed at working the user's core and abdominal muscles. Each exercise requires use of the Perfect Ab-Carver wheel to execute the movements in the workou... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Home Fitness Equipment

The bird dog workout is a floor exercise that focuses on building muscles in the posterior core. The bird dog helps to strengthen the spine, abdominals, gluteus maximus and the thighs. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

For beginners, some tips for a good Bowflex workout routine are to do the 20-minute program, eat healthy and rest between workout days. If the 20-minute Bowflex exercise routine is performed three times per week during a... More » Health Fitness & Exercise