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According to Wendy Boswell of About.com, a proxy website is a middleman between the website being viewed and the website viewer. A proxy works by relaying Internet connectivity through a different web server, thus changing the IP address of the device viewing the website and anonymizing the viewer.


A proxy list is a list of open HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS proxy servers that are all on one website that users can access for browsing. Proxies are what allow users to make indirect network connections to other computer network services.


A Web proxy is an Internet connection in which the user's computer connects to a remote computer, called a proxy server, which transmits data to and from the Web and user on behalf of the user. The primary reasons for proxy use are privacy and security.


Users connect to a proxy server by entering its IP address and port on a web browser's proxy settings page. The process to set up a proxy varies between browsers; however, the settings are commonly found on a connection or network tab within a browser's settings window. Users should seek proxy setup


A proxy war is a conflict inflicted by a major power or powers that do not become involved in it directly. Often, proxy wars involve countries fighting their opponents' allies or helping their allies fight their opponents. The number of proxy wars increased gradually since the beginning of the Cold


A proxy server provides an anonymous portal for accessing information over the Internet. Many businesses and individuals rely on proxy servers as a means of online protection. In order to use a proxy to access the Web, users must direct their computer systems to the relevant proxy address.


A proxy vote is a voting ballot that is cast by one person on behalf of another. It is a common method for shareholders to cast votes when they cannot personally attend a corporate meeting where voting takes place.


Proxy voting services are used by corporations to manage voting decisions and record results reliably when dealing with sensitive issue such as board of directors elections. Other issues dealt with by proxy voting services include auditor ratification, company bylaw alterations and compensation rati


Proxy IP addresses can be found on websites such as NewIPNow.com, My-Proxy.com and Free-Proxy-List.net. Some websites, such as HideMe.be, provide visitors with an option to browse the Internet anonymously by encrypting the URL and preventing scripts from running.


A vote by proxy is the act of one person casting a ballot on behalf of another person. Often, proxy votes are an option exercised by shareholders in a given company, if they do not wish to attend meetings in which voting on corporate matters takes place.