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Some games that help players learn to type include “The Typing of the Ghost” and “Keyman.” Both games are free and require access to a computer keyboard to play.


Type to Learn 4 is keyboarding software that helps students learn how to type with speed and efficiency. The software has over 100 lessons, each containing typing games and assessments where students can test their skills.


Some cooking games for children include stringing a cereal necklace, playing a sensory name-that-food game and creating marshmallow masterpieces. Other food games for children include making peanut butter playdough, painting with yogurt and beet juice and exploring a food sensory bin filled with gel


Children learn to read by developing an awareness that speech is made up of individual sounds, mapping those sounds to letters and joining sounds and letters together to recognize words. The more time a child spends being read to and exposed to books, the easier the process of learning to read is li


As of 2015, some popular doctor games for children are "Rapunzel Pregnant Check-Up", "Barbie Accident" and "Frenzy Clinic." "Rapunzel Pregnant Check-Up" is available to play online free. The game allows a child to take Rapunzel's temperature, blood pressure and see pictures of the baby.


Family Lives shares several games that engage special-needs children in enjoyable, educational and sensory activities, including substitute sand, dance competition, sensory flour game, matching pairs and the smelly sock game, to name a few. Games for special-needs children center around simple, fun


Learning style questionnaires designed for young people are available on Vark-Learn.com and Scholastic.com. WhatIsMyLearningStyle.com provides additional learning style tests for children with questions in English and Spanish


Some games children can play to learn the U.S. states are geographical map puzzles, geography quizzes and word games. There are software programs and various websites that offer a variety of games, trivia and puzzles at every difficulty level.


Some good party games for children are prize walk, balloon burst and musical statues. Some others are topple tug of war, sack race and limbo.


Whether computer games are good or bad for children is a matter of debate in scientific and parenting communities. Both positive and negative effects have been found by researchers.