In 1938, the singer Frank Sinatra was arrested twice for what the New York Times describes as "sex crimes." First, in late November, he was arrested on charges of seduction, and second, in late December, he was arrested ... More » and allow people to access free Frank Sinatra songs online. provides various videos containing Sinatra’s live performances of entire songs. Jango provides Sinatra’s songs through various... More » Art & Literature

Frank Sinatra's first wife is Nancy Barbado, with whom he had three children. Sinatra and Barbado were married from 1939 to 1951, when Sinatra divorced her to marry Ava Gardner. More » Art & Literature

There is no evidence that Frank Sinatra actually participated in organized crime, but there is plenty of evidence showing that Sinatra has social connections to people who participated in organized crime. Whether this ma... More »

Nancy Sinatra’s mother is Nancy Barbato Sinatra, who is also known as Nancy Sinatra, Sr., while her daughter is also known as Nancy Sinatra, Jr. Nancy Barbato was born on Sept. 11, 1917 and was married to Frank Sinatra f... More » Art & Literature

Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra is a Connecticut cardiologist specializing in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease who claims to be a certified specialist in nutrition, psychotherapy and anti-aging medicine. Anti-aging me... More »

As of October 2015, Nancy Barbato Sinatra is still living, having celebrated her 98th birthday. She was the first wife of singer Frank Sinatra, whom she married in 1939. Although they divorced in 1951 and Frank later had... More »