With appropriate treatment, a fibula fracture generally heals in four to six weeks, states Baylor Scott & White Health. Depending on the level and severity of the break, treatment options include ice, elevation and using... More »

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It is difficult to walk unassisted with a fractured fibula. A person with this type of break often is unable to put weight on the injured leg, according to UK Healthcare. Typically, a patient with a fractured fibula must... More »

Recovery from a fractured sternum involves putting the pieces back into position, avoiding strenuous activities, drinking fluids and taking several deep breaths a day, advises Scott and White Healthcare in Texas. The rib... More »

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With proper treatment, fibula fractures heal within four to six weeks, according to Baylor Scott & White Health. Fibula fractures are painful but seldom serious because this small lower-leg bone only supports 17 percent ... More »

Contact a doctor immediately if someone shows signs of aspiration, such as rapid or very slow breathing, severe coughing after eating or drinking, a hoarse voice, fever, and a chronic cough that produces phlegm with bits... More »

Inflammation or irritation in the airways, which can result from a variety of factors, causes bronchial spasms, explains Baylor Scott & White Health. Some factors that cause the airways to become inflamed or irritated ar... More »

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A dull pain on the right side under the ribcage can indicate biliary colic, a condition that results when gallstones prevent bile from flowing normally from the gallbladder, explains Baylor Scott & White Health. Pain fro... More »