When caring for foxglove flowers, encourage flower and side-shoot growth by removing the central flower spike with shears once three-fourths of the flower cluster fades. Cut spent flowers as they fade down to the next he... More »

Flowers that deer avoid include crocuses, daffodils, iris and tulips. In general, deer dislike plants with sticky or cottony leaves. However, a starving deer eats almost anything. More »

The many flowers that bloom in June nearly defy listing. The warmth, sunlight and precipitation of June make it a perfect time for many plants to start flowering. Among the plants that bloom in June are ajuga, bugloss, c... More »

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Some tips for identifying different flowers include observing the shape, size and color of the flower, as well as the month in which it blooms. Note the cluster type, leaf shape and plant type to identify blooms. Observi... More »

Once the flowers fall off an orchid, either cut back the spike or leave it, depending on the type of plant. Moth orchids, which are the most common houseplant variety, may bloom again from the same flower spike. Other or... More »

Some flower bed design tips for the front yard include using a mixture of flower beds throughout the front yard, placing taller flowers in the back, and using a variety of colors and textures. More »

Trim bleeding hearts by choosing the right time, inspecting the plant regularly, pinching off wilting flowers as they occur, removing flower stems once they are free of flowers and trimming the yellowing foliage down to ... More »