A solid concrete slab provides a very stable and strong foundation for a storage shed. Solid concrete has the advantage of providing a floor as well. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To build a storage shed ramp, attach a ledger board to the shed, and dig an area for the concrete block foundation of the ramp before setting the concrete blocks and attaching a support board. Then, cut and anchor the ra... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Free building plans for 10-by-14 gambrel-roofed storage sheds are available at a wide variety of do-it-yourself and construction-related websites such as Extreme How To or Icreatables. Local vocational or trade schools w... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage
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According to DIY Network, the first step in painting an indoor concrete slab is to wash the area with a de-greasing solution and allow it to completely dry prior to painting. If the slab shows signs of water leakage, it'... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Remove a cement slab by scoring the surface using a saw with a diamond bit and breaking the slab with a jackhammer or large sledgehammer. If the slab is reinforced with steel, you must cut the steel to release the sectio... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

A floating slab foundation is one in which the concrete that forms the foundation for a house is poured right on top of the ground. This type of foundation works most effectively on level sites in areas with warmer clima... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

A mat foundation, according to the Dictionary of Construction, is a continuous foundation with a thick slab that supports a whole structure. The foundation is shallow and poured over reinforcing mats. More » Business & Finance