The line "fair is foul and foul is fair" is from the play "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, and it means that what appears to be beautiful is actually ugly, and vice versa. The play centers around themes of deception. More »

A foul ball in softball is similar to that of baseball in that it is a legally batted ball that does not fall within the field of play. Except in cases where the batter already has two strikes on him or her, a foul ball ... More »

Indications of foul weather include a change in wind direction and speed due to low- or high-pressure systems, an increase in ocean swells, thunder, lightning, the formation of low or dark clouds and red or pink hues in ... More »

Some of the most famous play writers (or playwrights) include William Shakespeare, Arthur Miller and Tom Stoppard. While Shakespeare is long deceased and Miller died in 2005, Stoppard has enjoyed popularity with his 2006... More » Art & Literature Literature

Though it is impossible to say exactly why William Shakespeare wrote "Macbeth," the political and historical context of the play gives scholars major clues. "Macbeth" serves as a cautionary tale for those who would threa... More »

In Act 1, scene 2 of "Macbeth," Scotland is at war with the Irish under Macdonwald. Banquo and his fellow Scot general Macbeth, who personally defeated Macdonwald himself, are praised before King Duncan for their bravery... More » Art & Literature Literature

Examples of antagonists include Macduff in Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" and Lord Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" series. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" is one example where the book's protagonist also serves as the antagonist... More » Art & Literature Literature