Fortis, now known as Assurant Health, is no longer offering its individual major medical, short-term or employer fully insured plans, as stated on the company's website as of 2015. The company does offer supplemental and... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Some features of Fortis life insurance, now known as Lifesurance, include protection for up to 100 years of age and lump sum payout, according to This company is no longer called Fortis Insurance, as it c... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Some good health care companies are American Republic Insurance Company, VSP Vision Care, Bravo Health Insurance, Homeland Healthcare, Mutual of Omaha Health Insurance, Humana RightSource RX, BlueCross of New Jersey, Kai... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance
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As of January 2016, ARAG offers three legal insurance plans: Legal Now, Legal Protection and Legal Protection Plus, explains the company's website. Each plan comes with its own level of legal coverage regarding matters s... More » Business & Finance Insurance

To buy individual vision insurance, research different plans to find one that has the most benefits based on your specific needs, and purchase one through a trusted company, according to To calculate ... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Consumers are not able to purchase insurance plans directly from Praetorian Insurance Company, since the company was launched as Praetorian Financial Group and then sold to QBE Insurance Group of Australia in 2006, repor... More » Business & Finance Insurance

As of 2015 United American Insurance offers various forms of supplemental health insurance including Medicare Supplement plans and cancer and critical illness protection. United American Insurance also offers life insura... More » Business & Finance Insurance