There are roughly 0.785 radians in 45 degrees, which is the approximation of pi divided by four. It is only an approximation because pi is an irrational number that does not terminate. More » Math Geometry

A radian to degree converter is a tool that converts an angle measured in radians into the same angle in degrees. These calculators use a simple formula to convert between radians and degrees. More » Science Measurements

The equation used to convert degrees to radians is rad = (deg x pi)/180, where rad stands for radians, deg is degrees and pi is equal to 3.142. Radians and degrees are ways to measure an angle in a circle. More » Math Algebra
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The length of an arc of a circle is equal to the angle subtended by the arc, in radians, times the radius of the circle. For an angle measured in degrees, the arc length is the angle, in degrees, times the radius times p... More » Math Geometry

The number of radians in a circle is equal to 2 pi, or approximately 6.28. Since there are 360 degrees in a circle, each radian is equal to 360 divided by 6.28, approximately 57.3 degrees. More » Math Geometry

When considered in radians, the arctan of the square root of 3 is equal to pi over 3, or 1.047. If the square root of 3 is considered in degrees, the arctan of the square root of 3 is equal to about 59.97. More » Math Geometry

A geometric constraint is a limitation placed on an object, which can have two dimensions or more, because there are zero degrees of freedom. An object that is fully constrained cannot be geometrically altered; in other ... More » Math Geometry