The cubic feet formula depends on the shape of the object for which one is calculating volume, but for a cube, v=a^3, where a is the length of one side in feet. For cylinders and prisms, the formula is the area of the ba... More »

The formula for calculating cubic inches depends on the geometric shape. For example, the formula for the volume of a rectangular solid is length x width x height, while the formula for a pyramid is (1/3) x base x height... More » Math Algebra

A cubic foot is a unit of measurement used when measuring the volumes of different objects. The most common method of finding a rectangular prism's volume is to multiply the length by the width by the height. Multiplying... More »

The formula for finding the volume of a cube is V= (length of side)3. The volume is obtained by multiplying the length of the side of the cube with itself three times. The volume of a cube is the space enclosed by a cube... More »

The perimeter of an object is the measurement of the sides of the object. Measuring the perimeter of a square or rectangle is easy, but measuring the perimeter of a cube is slightly more difficult. With a simple measurem... More »

In order to calculate cubic feet, you need to find the length, width and height of the desired object. You then multiply these three dimensions in order to get the resultant value of volume, which is written in cubic fee... More »

A square is to a plane as a cube is to a volume. A square, a two-dimensional shape, exists on a plane, which is a two-dimensional space. Similarly, a cube is a three-dimensional object and exists in a volume, a three-dim... More »