According to WebMD, cardiac output is greatest during intense exercise and when a person is approximately in his 20s. The more intense the exercise, the more blood the body's muscle demand from the heart and, therefore, ... More »

Factors that affect cardiac output in a healthy patient include heart rate, change in position and certain activity of the nervous system, according to Vascular Concepts. Cardiac output refers to the volume of blood the ... More »

The formula calculating work output is F*D/T, where F is the force exerted, D is the distance and T is the time. The work output of a system is also described as its Power. More »

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The first signs of fine lines generally begin to appear during a person's mid to late 20s. By the 40s, the skin begins to lose elasticity and deep lines begin to appear around the mouth and eyes. More »

Some risks of having a pacemaker include electrical devices interfering with the pacemaker if the person stays near them longer than necessary, infection at the implantation site, bruising or bleeding, and allergic react... More »

A cardiac stress test typically involves a person exercising on a treadmill or stationary bike at increasing rates of difficulty, according to WebMD. While on the exercise equipment, the person's heart rate, blood pressu... More »

There are many online sources where a person can find a list of heart diseases including WebMD, MedicineNet and the World Heart Federation. Some of the many heart diseases mentioned at these online sources include angina... More »