Facilitated diffusion is a form of passive transport that utilizes transport proteins. These transport proteins are embedded within cell membranes, serving as figurative highways for molecules to get in and out of the ce... More »

The roles of a transport manager include supervising, planning, organizing, implementing policy changes, monitoring expenditure, negotiating with clients and other parties, training employees and giving instructions. A t... More »

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The benefits of online forms include reduced costs associated with using paper forms, improved response rates and more accurate responses, the ability to make quick revisions, and immediate distribution. The use of onlin... More »

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Some examples of active transport are endocytosis, exocytosis and the use of a cell membrane pump; diffusion, osmosis and facilitated diffusion are all examples of passive transport. In active transport, particles move f... More »

The simplest type of passive transport is diffusion or simple diffusion. Osmosis, which is also a form of passive transport, is similar to diffusion in that both move a substance from an area of high concentration to an ... More »

There are four different types of passive transport: diffusion, facilitated diffusion, filtration and osmosis. Diffusion is the movement of substances from an area of high concentration to an area with lower concentratio... More »

The two types of passive transport are diffusion and osmosis. Diffusion is the movement of molecules across a membrane from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration, occurring with or without the hel... More »

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