Dyadic communication occurs when two people are conversing directly to one another. It is a form of interpersonal communication that refers to the quantitative quality of a communicative relationship between two people. More »

The three forms of communication are written, verbal and non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is further broken down into listening skills and body language, while verbal communication is about tone of voic... More »

Mass media is used to communicate to large groups of people. Despite the many forms of mass media, their end goal is the same: reaching a large or specific audience. More »

Interpersonal communication refers to communication and the transference of information between two people. There are many examples of interpersonal communication, between a boss and employee, wife and husband, and mothe... More »

The difference between communication devices and communication media is the different roles each play in regard to data in the communication process. Communication media is the means, technology or channel of delivering ... More »

Group communication refers to the interactions among individuals in communal settings, and it may involve the exchange of verbal and nonverbal communication. Group communication is generally as effective as those involve... More »

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A letter of praise is a formal or informal communication wherein the writer expresses appreciation for the actions and efforts of another party, often in reference to a specific event. The letter may address a single per... More »