A letter to a judge should be formatted in a professional style, according to The Law Dictionary. The envelope should be addressed to the judge utilizing his full name, the name of the court he presides over and his offi... More » Government & Politics Law provides a step-by-step guide for how to write a professional letter to a judge. Its tips include how to address the letter, what style to use, stating a purpose, and checking for spelling and gramma... More »

According to Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab, business letters take one of three formats: block, modified block and semi-block. In block format, the business letter is left justified and single-spaced with double ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources
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To write an effective letter to a judge, use business style, list the purpose of the letter, make it easy to understand, and thoroughly proofread the final copy, according to The Law Dictionary. Use the judge's name, off... More » Government & Politics Law

To draft a witness statement, ensure you address the statement to the proper judge and use proper title, and be honest in your statement, says The Law Dictionary. Start off by introducing yourself and letting the judge k... More » Government & Politics Law

There are many websites that have sample letters to write to a judge and tips on how to write similar professional letters, including The Law Dictionary, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children and Sample Letters Worl... More » Government & Politics Law

An individual can sign a letter on behalf of someone else by putting the letters "p.p.," which stands for per procurationem, before his or her signature, notes The Law Dictionary. More » Government & Politics Law