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CrimeTech is your best source for law enforcement, forensics and crime scene investigation products.


Need an enjoyable lesson for your semester of teaching, we have educational forensics supplies for all school levels. Whether you need a forensic science ...


Crime lab equipment, products and supplies for fingerprinting, crime scene investigation, property/evidence room, and narcotics identification.


Prendo Forensics is your source for law enforcement supplies and forensic products for crime scene investigations and training. Our supplies come from major ...


Forensic laboratory equipment ranges from instrumentation you would see in a general laboratory, such as microscopes, fume hoods, chromatographs and ...


Find forensic supplies and consumables for evidence collection and analysis from top vendors. Get quotes and compare products easily with Labcompare.com.


CSI Forensic Equipment manufactures and supplies a wide range of CSI equipment, such as: Electrostatic lifting equipment. Forge detection; Explosive Detection ...


Forensic Supply Kit contains 1000 feet of crime scene tape, 100 evidence labels, 50 evidence bags, 10 collection jars with screw-on lids, a set of 15 evidence ...


A fully comprehensive kit of evidence packaging supplies, fit for any classroom crime scene investigation. Includes: 1 roll of Crime Scene Tape, ...


Forensics Supplies For Crime Scene Investigation | Crime Lab Equipment | Explosive Detection | Narcotics Identification | Evidence Collection | Fingerprinting.


Arrowhead Forensics manufactures & distributes the finest in crime scene, crime lab, property room & evidence collection equipment and supplies.