Companies that replace fuel tank sending units include Transmission Doctor, based in South Florida; Scata's Auto and Truck Repair in Connecticut; and Tri-Starr Radiator in Upstate New York. These companies deal with fuel... More »

A marine fuel sending unit is the device responsible for telling the fuel gauge what level to display, thereby informing the boat driver of how much fuel is left in the tank. The unit is generally made up of a float conn... More »

The fuel tank capacity of a Ford Focus is 12.4 gallons. The sedan, hatch and ST hatch all have the same 12.4-gallon fuel tank capacity. More »

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Problems with acceleration, engine misfires, reduced fuel mileage, stalling and difficulties starting the vehicle are all possible symptoms of a bad crankshaft sensor, according to 1A Auto. A bad crankshaft sensor may al... More »

O'Reilly Auto Parts stores carry automobile parts such as fuel pumps, car batteries and spark plugs. Other products the store carries include cleaning products and car accessories. More »

Wash the gas tank out with soapy water and remove all valves, sending units, petcocks and internal filters. Stop all openings except the fill spout, and do not allow the tank to dry out between sealing sessions. More »

To replace fuel injectors, depressurize the fuel system, and remove the fuel lines from the injectors or fuel rail. Remove the injectors with a fuel injector puller, and replace them with new ones. You need general tools... More »