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As of 2014, the Ford Escape and the Ford Escape Hybrid are made at one of Ford's Louisville, Kentucky plants. The plant is located on Fern Valley Road. Earlier model years were manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri. The 2011 Ford Escape is made of 65 percent American-made parts.


Common problems found in the Ford Escape include transmission failure, wiper motor defects, faulty air conditioning, rear lift gate problems and faulty door seals. Other problems include ignition coil faults, carpet padding problems and engine failure.


Common problems with the 2005 Ford Escape include the engine shutting down while driving at speed, rough engine idle, failure of the personal control module, issues with the rear shocks and struts, and gas pedal sticking. These issues have been reported since the 2005 Ford Escape was first produced.


Some common complaints for the Ford Escape include transmission problems, electrical problems, steering problems, body or paint problems, and engine problems, depending on the model year. CarComplaints.com lists the most reported issue on the 2005 Ford Escape is computer failure. However, the 2008 F


Owners find out if a Ford vehicle is on the recall list by navigating to the Field Service Actions under Service and Maintenance on Ford's website. Visitors input a VIN number or sign in and then hit Select This Vehicle. Ford's website also offers a number to call for information.


The Ford Edge is a bigger and wider vehicle than the Ford Escape. They are both compact SUVs, but the Edge is slightly bigger with more interior room.


Some of the most common problems associated with a Ford Escape include the failure of the exhaust gas recirculation system differential pressure sensor, alternator problems and ignition misfires. This sport utility vehicle is also known for internal transfer case issues on models with four-wheel dri


The Focus is Ford's best selling car and the world's best selling car, as of 2014. In 2013, more than 1 million Ford Focus models were sold throughout the world.


Certain 2010 Ford Escape models were recalled for transmission problems in May 2010. A faulty retention pin for the park rod guide makes the vehicle a roll-away hazard while parked and leaves the vehicle vulnerable to theft. This recall was for models manufactured between February 27 and March 26, 2


The 2015 Ford Escape has a towing capacity of 1,500 to 3,500 pounds, depending on how big the engine is and whether an optional tow package is added. When calculating how much a trailer weighs, it is important to factor in everything inside the trailer, including fluids and cargo.