Fans can view nationwide high school football scores online through the Rivals and MaxPreps networks. Fans can visit and select High School Sites from the High School header to locate their home state source o... More »

To follow Texas high school football scores, visit and view schedules and scores by state, click the scoreboard at, select scores on, or go to an... More »

Final scores for Ohio high school football games are available on high school sports websites such as Another website that provides Ohio high school football scores is More »

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South Carolina high school football scores are available online through the Rivals and MaxPreps networks. Fans can view statewide scores by visiting and selecting Schedule from the Football header, o... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Athletes

Access Kentucky high school football stat leaders online through MaxPreps. At the home page, select Kentucky from the States link, then Football from the list of Boys Sports at the following page. More »

A resource for high school football statistics is MaxPreps, which is part of CBS Sports. The MaxPreps website contains statistics such as passing yards, rushing yards, total tackles and total points of players. It also s... More »

The West Virginia MetroNews Network has weekly lists of high school football scores on its website. MaxPreps splits its score list into West Virginia's three school groups. More »