Yale University coach Walter Camp invented the rules of football. Camp is considered the "father of American football." The game, started in 1879, is derived mainly from rugby and association football, which is now commo... More »

American football is believed to have been invented sometime in the 1820s, when Princeton, Harvard and Dartmouth would meet to play. These first games bear little resemblance to today's game — there were no defined posit... More »

The sport of American football was invented in New Brunswick, N.J., on Nov. 6, 1869. Players from Princeton and Rutgers Universities participated in an intercollegiate contest that closely resembled a soccer-style game, ... More »

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According to, football was started in 1879 at Yale University by Walter Camp, a player and athletic coach at the college. Football originally derived from the English game rugby, but Camp helped the game evolve... More »

Walter Camp, a rugby player from Yale University, created American football in the 1880s. The game grew out of a combination of soccer and rugby. More »

Two of the most important questions to ask when interviewing candidates for a football coaching position are why they want to be a coach and why they want this particular job. The answers to these give insight into the m... More »

Flag football follows the majority of the same rules that regular American football does, except that flag removal replaces tackling. The ball is marked down at the point where the clip of the flag belt becomes detached,... More »