Foods that are rich in vitamin K include raw amaranth leaves, raw parsley, and raw Swiss chard. They also include cooked kale, raw watercress, cooked spinach and raw spinach. Mustard greens, turnip greens and beet greens... More »

The three foods richest in Vitamin D are salmon, mackerel and mushrooms, particularly if caught in the wild, due to exposure to direct sunlight. Some other foods rich in Vitamin D are fatty fish, dairy products, egg yolk... More »

Foods rich in vitamin K include kale, basil, scallions, asparagus and chili powder. Soybeans, olive oil and pickles also contain high amounts of vitamin K. More »

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Foods rich in vitamin K include spinach, mustard greens, kale, Brussels sprouts, parsley and beet greens. Kale has one of the highest percentages of vitamin K, while Brussels sprouts are much lower in the nutrient. Vitam... More »

Foods and vegetables that contain vitamin K include green, leafy vegetables, parsley, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Kale is especially abundant in vitamin K and provides 1180 percent of the daily value of the vitamin. I... More »

Foods that do not contain vitamin K include many types of meat, seafood and poultry, grain products, such as cornmeal, quinoa, spaghetti, rice, egg noodles, English muffins, macaroni and corn tortillas, many types of mus... More »

Foods with nitrates include packaged and processed meats, such as salami, hot dogs and bacon, along with vegetables such as celery, beets, parsley, cabbage, leeks and endives. Nitrates are also found in drinking water th... More »