The foods with the lowest potassium include fats, such as olive, sesame, canola and sunflower oil; rice noodles; spices, such as ginger, dill weed, mace and thyme; and vegetables, such as arugula and onions, according to... More » Health Nutrition & Diets Nutritional Amounts & Limits

Many plant-based foods, including squash, sweet potatoes, beans, broccoli and bananas, are high in potassium. Some animal products, such as pork tenderloin and yogurt, are also good sources of potassium. Adults need to c... More » Health Nutrition & Diets Nutritional Content

Chicken, turkey, pork, salmon, spinach and whole wheat bread are some foods that contain less than one milligram of iron. Other low-iron foods include tuna, potatoes and pasta. More » Food Food Facts
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Foods that help fight against a Helicobactor pylori infection in the body include fermented foods, cabbage, broccoli sprouts, garlic, ginger, onions and several spices. Additionally, vinegar, lemon and lime juice can hel... More » Health Nutrition & Diets

The foods that grow in rainforests are different types of fruits, vegetables and spices, such as coconuts, avocados, squash, yams, bananas, plantains, guava, mangoes, pineapples, peppercorns, vanilla, ginger, chocolate a... More » Food Food Facts

Foods that have natural anti-inflammatory properties include a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, spices, onions and garlic. Olive oil and soy also help to reduce inflammation in the body. More » Health Nutrition & Diets Nutritional Content

Turnips, beets, onions, rutabaga and pumpkin are some vegetables that are low in vitamin K. Each of these vegetables contains 2 or fewer micrograms of vitamin K per 1 cup serving. More » Health Nutrition & Diets Nutritional Amounts & Limits