Honey, white rice, sugar, pure vanilla extract and hard liquor are all types of food that never spoil, as long as they are kept sealed. If these foods are opened or unsealed, they still spoil over time. More »

According to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, light is one of the compounding factors that leads to food spoilage. Specifically, light leads to loss of food quality by degrading the color and flavor and it also caus... More »

Sloppy Joe dry spice mixes do not spoil. Canned or jarred sloppy Joe mixes should not be consumed past the "best by" or "use by" date on the package. More »

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Honey is a food that doesn't spoil, according to Several factors aid in this ability, including its high sugar and low moisture content, which work together to form an environment that is inhospitable to... More »

While the exact ingredients for a Tom and Jerry vary based on spices and liquor, a basic recipe includes eggs, sugar, rum, spices, vanilla flavoring and milk. Most recipes make batter for more than one drink, with specif... More »

Meat can spoil within an hour when left out in temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and within two hours at lower temperatures. Refrigeration slows the growth of bacteria that cause food poisoning and other di... More »

Cheesecake must be refrigerated because it contains ingredients that spoil rapidly such as eggs and cream cheese. Cheesecake often contains other dairy products such as sour cream or milk, which also spoil when not prope... More »