Food safety certification requirements differ between states, but the National Restaurant Association offers comprehensive food safety management testing that satisfies certification requirements in 26 states. Individual... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Successful completion of the National Restaurant Association's ServSafe program allows food service managers to earn the ServSafe Food Service Manager Certification, which is accredited by the American National Standards... More » Education Standardized Tests

Some food certifications individuals can earn online include the food safety certification from Alison; the food handler, food safety manager and food protection manager certifications from Learn2Serve; and the food hand... More » Education Colleges & Universities
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Food safety certification is available online at and Both sites offer food handler, food manager and alcohol server training for a fee payable through the website. ServSafe offers traini... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Food safety exam questions cover a multitude of issues regarding food safety, and questions range from the behavior of food borne infections to the use of hand sanitizers. The American Food Safety Institute provides nume... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Study materials for the ServSafe Food Handler test can be found at the SafeServ website in the resources section, where there are food safety guides and practice tests available. The ServSafe Food Handler test covers a v... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

In most states, body piercers must complete an apprenticeship with a licensed piercer, earn CPR certification and complete health and safety courses in order to prevent the spread of disease. Piercers must also earn a st... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations