Finger food for office parties includes items such as mini tarts, quiches, beef and lettuce cups, flavored olives, meringues, sliders and small sandwiches and meatballs. For parties, people have many options for serving ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Party Planning

Chocolate gold coins, goldfish crackers and a treasure chest cake are just a few of many fun ideas for pirate-themed party food. Incorporate decorations and a seashell pasta salad, and the pirate fare is sure to impress. More » Holidays & Celebrations Party Planning

People have many choices for party appetizers and finger foods to serve guests, ranging from simple samples of sliced fruit or vegetable sticks with dips to spiced butternut soup, sesame salmon croquettes and chicken pot... More » Food Cooking

Good appetizers for parties include meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, mini crab cakes and spicy white cheese dip. Because crowds tend to gather at parties and celebrations, Southern Living recommends sticking to dips, spread... More » Holidays & Celebrations Party Planning

Options for finger sandwiches include ham with apple, cheese and a butter-based spread, cucumber with an herb-butter spread and tomato with cheddar, mayonnaise and watercress. Watercress and butter sandwiches are also an... More » Holidays & Celebrations Party Planning

Tea sandwiches that are easy to make for a party include egg salad sandwiches and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. Guests who are dressed up for a special occasion typically prefer bite-size tea sandwiches over larg... More » Holidays & Celebrations Party Planning

Rainbow tea parties celebrate the colors of the rainbow with foods, decorations, clothing, activities and gifts. For a red table, the foods may include salsa, pickled beets, cherry pie, strawberry shortcake and edible re... More » Holidays & Celebrations Party Planning