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Foods high in fiber include many fruits, grains, cereal, pasta and vegetables. Nuts, seeds and legumes also have a high fiber content that can aid with digestion.


Fruits, vegetables, breads and grains all contain high amounts of fiber. Both soluble and insoluble fiber are important components of a healthy diet. How food is consumed affects fiber intake.


A number of foods are low in fiber, including fish and shellfish, eggs, dairy products such as milk and yogurt, and spices and salt. Fiber content can often be altered during cooking. Many vegetables, for example, lose most fiber content after being steamed or boiled.


Foods that are rich in fiber include beans, berries, bran, whole grains and leafy green vegetables. Having a diet full of fiber has a number of health benefits, including preventing hemorrhoids and constipation, decreasing blood cholesterol and protecting against certai...


Fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts are all healthy foods that are high in fiber, according to Mayo Clinic. High-fiber foods, which help the digestive system function properly, also include pastas, seeds and cereals.


Legumes, vegetables, fruit and grains offer countless high-fiber options. Adding split peas, lentils, artichokes, peas, raspberries, bran flakes and whole-wheat pasta to the diet is a great way to increase fiber intake.


Lists of foods that are high in fiber can be found on the official websites of various health-oriented organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, Health Magazine and WebMD. The most useful lists break down the total fiber content in grams per serving.