A food chain is a simple sequence of organisms in which each animal or plant is dependent on the one above or below it. Food webs are more complex than food chains in that they include all organisms that have similar fee... More » Food Food Facts

A food web is a comprehensive map of how energy moves, in the form of food, throughout an ecosystem, while a food chain is one specific path through the web. Most food webs on Earth derive their energy primarily, if not ... More » Science Biology

Deciduous forest food chains and food webs are terms that refer to the hierarchy of animals and plants living in temperate forests. The food web is comprised of consumers, secondary consumers, producers and decomposers. More » Science Environmental Science
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Genetically modified organisms, or GMO, labeling alerts consumers to the presence of genetically modified microorganisms or plants that are part of the food products that they buy. Even if the GMOs are not present, but w... More » Food Food Facts

Food irradiation reduces the number of pests, molds, parasites and bacteria on many foods, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, but the Organic Consumers Association points out that irradiating foo... More » Food Food Facts

A food web consists of all the different food chains in a particular ecosystem, better presenting the relationship of each living thing to another within that ecosystem. Since one living thing can be a part of multiple f... More » Food Food Facts

Typically, in order to be classified as meat, food must be made of animal flesh and as eggs are an animal by-product, they are not considered meat. Like meat, however, eggs are high in fat and protein. It should be noted... More » Food Food Facts