As of 2016, some popular types of folding dining tables as evidenced by favorable customer reviews are drop-leaf tables, rustic tables, plastic center-fold picnic style tables and circular center-fold tables. Popular dro... More » Home & Garden Furniture

To build a dining room table, create the surface with 2-by-6 wood, add wood strips, make the skirt frame, and connect the skirt and legs. You also need a wood block, 2-by-4 boards, nails, carriage bolts, screws, tape, a ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

When buying a contemporary dining room table, consider the features of the various types of materials available to ensure that the material selected meets your needs. Measuring the size of the dining area helps in determ... More » Home & Garden Furniture
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There are many types of folding tables, such as small round or square folding tables for card games or parties, long rectangular folding tables for banquets, T-leg cafeteria folding tables, personal dinner folding tables... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Some types of round pedestal dining tables include wooden farmhouse tables, marble-topped tables, glass-topped metal tables and expandable tables. Pedestal tables are available as single-piece units usually made out of w... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Some uses for mini folding tables include using them for writing, painting, bedside meals, playing cards or eating television dinners. They are also great to hold refreshments at parties and events, or to hold decorative... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Plastic folding tables are versatile pieces with different functions, including serving food and seating extra guests in the home. Plastic folding tables are also used both indoors and outdoors for banquets and other occ... More » Home & Garden Furniture