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A foil is a character who acts as the opposite to another character and consequently highlights important features of that character's personality. Some examples in literature include Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, X-Men's Professor X and Magneto, and Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


To foil your own hair, comb and section hair, position the foil, and brush on the highlighting formula. Create as many sections and foils as needed to achieve the desired look.


In math, FOIL is an acronym that reminds people how to expand the multiplication of two expressions in parentheses. FOIL stands for First, Outside, Inside, and Last, which is the order in which one should multiply the terms in the parentheses.


Reverse FOIL (first, inner, outer, last) is another way of saying factorization by grouping. To factor a polynomial, find the product of the first and the last coefficients. Then, find the two factors of the product that add up to the middle coefficient. Split the middle term into two terms, and the


A dramatic foil is a character who may be similar or in parallel circumstances compared to the main character of the story. In this way, the dramatic foil is meant to serve as a basis of comparison with the main character, thereby enhancing the audience's perception of the main character's most impo


Factors that affect the cost of living rate include grocery expenses, housing costs, utilities, transportation and health care, according to CNN Money. Inflation has an impact on cost of living rates, states the Social Security Administration. Inflation becomes a factor that varies by year and locat


The factors that go into calculating a FICO credit score, the system used by most banks and other businesses that deal in credit, include payment history, amount of debt, length of credit history, types of credit and amount of inquiries. Special circumstances such as bankruptcy or a limited credit h


Adventurous do-it-yourself beauticians can perform foil highlighting at home by familiarizing themselves with the technique, assembling the proper equipment and closely following given instructions on their chosen highlighter or other hair dye. This is a somewhat complex process, and only the most c


The mass of aluminum foil varies with the amount of it. The approximate density of aluminum foil is 2.7 grams per centimeter; therefore, 1 centimeter of it has a mass of 2.7 grams. It ranges in thickness from 0.07 to 25 micrometers.


Aluminum does not keep things cold, but does act as a barrier to oxygen and vapor, which can transfer heat to the frozen food when it is exposed to air. It also prevents germs, odors and flavors from escaping or entering the packaged food. Aluminum is known for being a good conductor, but it is also