The Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Club is located at 7000 Avon Park Cutoff Road, Fort Meade, FL, 33841. This address is in southern Polk County about 2 miles south of Highway 98, also known as Frostproof Highway. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

To find the value of antique binoculars, identify the make and model, and contact an antique dealer. This process take approximately 20 minutes and requires access to the binoculars, access to a phone directory or the In... More »

To identify antique collectible marbles, study the colors and patterns of your marbles to determine their types, measure their sizes using a caliper, and use circle templates to check if the marbles are handmade or manuf... More »

To find the value of antique collectibles, take pieces to a professional appraisal service, consult price guides or search for similar items online. There are often differences between a piece's auction value, retail val... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting and both sell old gas pumps. In addition, sellers often list old gas pumps for sale in both auction and fixed-price listings. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

Antique Zenith radios are available for sale at and, as of 2015. features a Zenith online antique radio museum. Radios for sale through Collectors Weekly include eBa... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

As of 2016, the prices of antique axes range from about $2 to $10,000 depending on age, condition, authenticity and verification. Whole axes and hatchets have higher values than broken or incomplete pieces, while axe hea... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting