State and local waste collection agencies and retailers such as Ikea, Home Depot and Lowe's accept fluorescent tubes for recycling. In addition, companies that recycle light bulbs sell kits that allow customers to mail i... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

Change a florescent tube by removing the cover, removing the tube, installing the new tube and replacing the cover. Wear eye protection, as the glass is thin and shatters easily. Do not dispose of florescent tubes in the... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

The three main types of fluorescent light bulbs are the T12, T8 and T5. The T5 is also available in the T5H0 model which is a much brighter version of the T5. More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

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Ceiling lighting can be found in most home improvement stores like Lowe's, Ikea and Home Depot, in the home section of other department stores like Sears or Macy's, and online at sites like Houzz, Amazon, Overstock and W... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

Dispose of CFL bulbs at waste collection agencies, through mail-back services or by dropping bulbs off at designated retail centers, such as hardware supply stores. In certain states, it's illegal to throw away CFL bulbs... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

Home Depot, Lowe's and EarthLED are among retailers that offer replacement track lighting and accessories for sale, as of 2016. Current prices and available inventory vary by retailer. More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting