To identify flowers by pictures, observe the image and note details about the flower or plant, such as the pedal shape and color, the leaf shape, the plant's size and any other unique characteristics. If you take a pictu... More »

To paint flowers, select the type of flower you want to paint, arrange the bouquet, photograph the bouquet, determine the basic shape of your flower, evaluate the bouquet as a whole and choose the area of focus. Start wi... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Painting

To sell a home by owner, determine a realistic price for the home, upload quality photographs and videos onto reputable home marketing sites, and make yourself available to show the home. Be prepared to correctly and leg... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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Some tips for identifying different flowers include observing the shape, size and color of the flower, as well as the month in which it blooms. Note the cluster type, leaf shape and plant type to identify blooms. Observi... More »

Zinnias are annual flowers ranging from single-blooming daisy-like flowers, similar to the original zinnias first noticed in Mexico, to more elaborate hybrids that possess a wide variety of bloom color, size and petal sh... More »

Trim bleeding hearts by choosing the right time, inspecting the plant regularly, pinching off wilting flowers as they occur, removing flower stems once they are free of flowers and trimming the yellowing foliage down to ... More »

To identify an unknown flowering shrub, consider the size and shape of the leaves and the color, size and shape of the flower. Use these characteristics to search for a match in a plant database or consult an expert at a... More » Science Biology