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Its blooms are in red flowers but there are varieties which bloom orange and yellow flowers. Typically, blooming season ends in September. Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) This Hibiscus is a very common flower in Jamaica. Its branches and leaves are a deep green and it blooms a variety of flowers in red, deep red, yellow, pink and white.


Jamaica, with its warm climate and rich, fertile soil, is a haven for masses of spectacularly colorful and showy tropical flowers. Some are flowering trees, including the national flower of Jamaica, while others are flowerings shrubs. All are stunning and indicative of the beauty of the country.


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Here is a short list of some of the marvels of the plants in Jamaica. Over three thousand species of plants grow on the island, and 27% of them are found nowhere else on earth! More than 200 species of flowering plants have been classified! Over 230 species of Orchids, 60 of which are endemic! Over 580 types of ferns, 64 of which are endemic!


How to Grow Flor De Jamaica. Sometimes called roselle, flor de Jamaica (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is an herbaceous shrub grown for its tangy, edible calyces and ornamental, red-tinged foliage. It is ...


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Roselle hibiscus, red sorrel, Jamaican sorrel, and Florida cranberry are a few of the many names for “ Hibiscus sabdariffa”, which is a tasty and stunning addition to the garden. Learn how to grow roselle hibiscus, and enjoy the season-long color, beautiful blooms, and red flavorful calyces it produces.


Included in the list of Jamaica’s native trees are the following: mahogany, rosewood, cedar, logwood, palmetto palm, ebony, allspice, wild lime, Jamaican dogwood, live oak and coconut palm. Flowering Plants. More than 200 species of native flowering plants live on the island of Jamaica. Some of the common varieties include partridge pea ...


There are a number of different plants and flowers in Jamaica, including palms, bougainvillea, canna lilies, daisies and hibiscus. Wide varieties of orchids are grown on this island, with over 200 species available. Jamaica is also home to different types of crop plants, like cocoa, corn, yams and sweet potatoes.


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