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Ranunculus / r æ ˈ n ʌ ŋ k j ʊ l ə s / is a genus of about 500 species of flowering plants in the family Ranunculaceae.Members of the genus include the buttercups, spearworts and water crowfoots.The petals are often highly lustrous, especially in yellow species, owing to a special coloration mechanism: the petal's upper surface is very smooth causing a mirror-like reflection.


Often referred to as the rose of the spring, ranunculus are one of the most popular cut flowers that we grow. These tender bloomers need extra protection from cold temperatures, but if carefully tended, they will produce an abundance of lush, textural blooms throughout the later half of spring.


Ranunculus flowers look almost too perfect to be real. Their rose-like blossoms feature layer upon layer of tissue-thin petals, and come in colors that range from cream and pale yellow to apricot, pink, orange, red and burgundy.


How to Grow Ranunculus Flowers . Choose tubers labeled jumbo, which average eight centimeters in circumference, for the most flower stems per bulb. You can expect to see as many as three dozen flowers born on 18-inch stems from these bulbs. Number two and number three bulbs are fine for planting groups of a dozen or more outdoors.


Find an assortment of Ranunculus for your event. These brilliantly colored blooms have whorls of layered, paper-thin petals. Our ranaunculus come in beautiful colors, sure to enahnce any arrangement.


Everyone likes a bit of a unique touch when it comes to freshening up their homes, and a ranunculus flower is exactly that! With its layers and layers of silky petals and assorted colors, the ranunculus is the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen counter or coffee table.


“The ranunculus is the perfect alternative to a real rose. I often use ranunculus in spring floristry and am surprised at how frequently I'm asked which rose they are,” says flower artisan Georgie Newberry, author of Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers. Pure white ranunculus (such as white Tecolote) is especially popular in spring bridal bouquets.


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Brilliantly colored flowers are 'ranunculus' chief attraction, and they are indeed special. They most often come in multiple layers of delicate, crepe paper--thin petals, looking like an origami masterwork. Ranunculus (R. asiaticus) excel in southern and western gardens, and make terrific container ...


Growing Ranunculus flowers requires well-drained soil and full sun for best results. Soak the tubers and then plant then with the roots or fingers pointed downward at a depth of 1 to 2 inches, depending on the size of the bulbs. Care of Ranunculus. Buttercup is an easy flower to grow. Care of Ranunculus to ensure yearly displays may require ...