The Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Club is located at 7000 Avon Park Cutoff Road, Fort Meade, FL, 33841. This address is in southern Polk County about 2 miles south of Highway 98, also known as Frostproof Highway. More »

Determining if a piece of Nippon porcelain is authentic requires closely examining the Nippon stamps and comparing them to authentic stamps on antique pieces, or more modern stamps on fake pieces. For example, if the sta... More »

You can find antique dolls in antique shops in your area, and some cities might even have specialty antique doll shops. Many shops also have online inventories and/or storefronts, and sellers like ebay and amazon often h... More »

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Some valuable antique Limoges china patterns include Old Apple Blossom, Drop Rose, Saint Germaine, Old Autumn Leaf and Harrison Rose. All of these patterns were created by the manufacturer Haviland, which made between 30... More »

Specialty websites such as offer collections of vintage beer signs and lights. Specialty auction sites such as Beer Auctions, as well as general auction sites such as eBay also provide a selection of... More »

To find the value of antique binoculars, identify the make and model, and contact an antique dealer. This process take approximately 20 minutes and requires access to the binoculars, access to a phone directory or the In... More »

There are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration when determining the value of your antique irons, such as the item's age, condition and brand. You can find a value by finding a reputable appraiser, and... More »