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Any lawyer licensed to practice law in the state of Florida is listed on The Florida Bar Find a Lawyer Web page, advises The Florida Bar. The initial search criteria includes the lawyer’s name, firm and location, as of July 2015.


The Florida Bar maintains a searchable database at FloridaBar.org for members of the public to look up licensed attorneys in Florida by name, firm name, city or bar number. The database also allows users to search for attorneys by criteria such as practice area, school ...


Tax forms for the state of Florida can be obtained through the Department of Revenue (DOR) section of the MyFlorida state government website.Florida does not have a state personal income tax, but forms for Florida property owners and businesses can be accessed through t...


To file a complaint against a Florida attorney, after first trying to settle the issue with the attorney, contact the Florida Bar Association's Attorney Consumer Assistance Program at 866-352-0707. If the issue remains unresolved after consulting with one of the FBA's s...


Call barring is an action that prevents certain numbers from being dialed out from a telephone handset. Call barring can also block a phone from receiving calls from certain numbers and works similarly to the action of blocking calls.


Florida HSMV forms are available to download free of charge on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website, FLHSMV.gov. Most forms are in PDF format, and can be located by form number or as part of a category.


The bar model is a visual representation of a number using unit cubes, as stated on SplashMath.com. One cube is equal to one. One line is equal to 10 cubes. One sheet is equal to 100 cubes or 10 lines.