Ceramic and porcelain tiles can be manufactured to look like wood floors. The wooden look is achievable with standard square tiles or available in plank form for a more authentic resemblance. More »

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Wood tile flooring is a durable porcelain tile made to resemble natural wood plank flooring. It is available for online purchase on the Home Depot website. Customers can also order samples of Daltile wood tile flooring o... More »

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Installing a floating wood floor over existing tile entails buying the materials, preparing the floor and casings, installing the underlayment and flooring and finishing with trim, and takes about 8 to 10 hours to comple... More »

Some of the main pattern ideas for porcelain tiles include one tile patterns, two tile patterns and large format patterns. In addition to the individual styles and patterns, shoppers can personalize their floors with uni... More »

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CORtec Plus floors are categorized as a luxury vinyl tile. Laminate flooring has a resin core, while CORtec Plus floors have an extruded core made of natural materials such as limestone and recycled wood. The core of COR... More »

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To install vinyl tile, draft a flooring plan, cover the floor in mastic adhesive, fix the floor panels in place, and then use a hand roller to flatten out the floor. You need a tape measure, vinyl tiles, mastic adhesive ... More »

As wood floors are not naturally slippery, the best way to reduce the risk of slipping is to keep them dry and clean. Some causes of slippery floors include the use of inferior or incorrect chemicals, overtreated dust mo... More »