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Cabinet fittings are the interior and exterior parts that attach cabinets to hardware and allow for opening and closing of cabinets and drawers. Exterior cabinet fittings can be plain silver, brass, gold or stainless steel or they may be decorative.


Kitchen cabinets often take up a very large amount of space in one's kitchen, but solutions such as custom cabinets and altering space design can help alleviate the feeling of claustrophobia. Changing cabinet colors or taking off the cabinet doors are specific ideas that make a kitchen appear larger


In the United States federal government, the Cabinet refers to a group of 15 executives; these executives serve as heads of their respective agencies, and advise the President on relevant matters. Over time, Cabinet members change, although the Cabinet composition remains the same. The Cabinet inclu


Mobile home cabinets are used in kitchens or bathrooms of mobile homes, which increases storage space for items such as dishes, utensils, towels and supplies, according to Mobile Home Guys. Mobile home cabinets are like standard kitchen cabinets, but typically are smaller in size.


To install upper and base kitchen cabinets, mark their position on the wall, and locate the studs. For upper cabinets, attach a support board to the studs. Screw a few cabinets together, pre-drill on the studs and framing piece for screws, and attach cabinets.


Calculating floor space is best done by breaking a room into rectangles, then figuring out the area of each rectangle and adding the total areas together. If floor space is being calculated for the purposes of purchasing new floor treatments, the final total must be translated into square yardage.


To build a small cabinet with drawers, obtain the materials, measure, and cut them to fit the dimensions indicated in your plan. Connect the panels using glue. Use screws and butt joints as well to ensure better connection. Assemble the shelves, and insert the drawers. Place the cabinet in its locat


In order to mount a small under-cabinet TV, choose a location, drill the mounting holes, attach the mounting bracket and attach the television set. The type of mounting bracket that is needed may vary depending on the type of TV being used and the construction of the cabinets. Cabinets that have an


A water heater cabinet is an enclosed space containing a property's water heater. The cabinet allows ample space around the heater and has a large opening giving easy access for repairs and maintenance.


Some strong brands manufacturing cabinets for small bathrooms include Ainsley, Apothecary, Otis, Simple Living and Westport Bay. These brands make a wide variety of bathroom cabinet types and styles, including a great many for smaller bathroom spaces. Offerings include over toilet shelf towers, comp